Radon Protection

Going beyond its incredible performance as an air sealing and duct sealing system, Duct-EZ® also works as a protective barrier that can reduce radon gas emissions by sealing control joints, floor cracks, and the separation between the foundation wall and concrete floor.

The EPA have issued many warnings and literature about the dangers of radon and what you as the consumer can do. In one guide from the EPA, "Sealing cracks and other openings in the foundation is a basic part of most approaches to radon reduction. Sealing the cracks limits the flow of radon into your home, thereby making other radon reduction techniques more effective and cost-efficient. It also reduces the loss of conditioned air."[1] Duct-EZ® used in conjunction with other products helps to work as a protective barrier which can reduce the radon gas emissions around building foundations, cracks in the concrete floor and hard to access areas.

[1] EPA quote taken from: Consumer's Guide to Radon Reduction, How to Fix Your Home

View the EPA Interactive Radon Map

Duct-EZ® gives you a strong monolithic rubber seal reducing your Radon Gas Emissions.

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