Duct-EZ® is a simple and cost effective system of products that every builder should have in their toolkit. Our product delivers high performance in the areas of air sealing, duct sealing, and radon protection.

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Air Sealing

Duct-EZ® air sealing can reduce indoor air loss due to infiltration and exfiltration of heated and cooled air and reduce polluted allergen air from entering.

Duct Sealing

Our process covers every aspect of the home’s HVAC system. We seal the trunk lines, supply/return ducts, supply boots, and all return cavities that are not hard-ducted.

Radon Protection

Beyond its incredible performance as an air-sealing and duct-sealing system, Duct-EZ® also works as a protective barrier that can reduce Radon gas emissions.

HVAC Load Calculation

Duct-EZ® staff uses the room-by-room method for Manual J, D and S load calculations. Ensuring the most efficient HVAC design and performance!

Watch our video to learn all about Duct-EZ®’s applications

Duct-EZ® outperforms similar air and cut sealing systems because it ensure building code compliance, meets all Energy Star® standards, performs at extreme temperatures, and reduces construction time and costs. Duct-EZ® air sealing results are within 3 ACH (air changes per hour) and duct leakage of 4% or less!

Today we are moving forward to bring Duct-EZ® to the market Nationally. We want to educate, train and bring individuals to the market place who want to be successful Dealer Owners in the duct sealing industry. Additionally, we will train you to become a certified RESNET Field Inspector. This will allow you to test the Duct-EZ® installation and ensure the homes HVAC duct system meets the highest quality standard... Guaranteed!

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