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Duct-EZ® dealers are armed with our proprietary, water-based, zero-VOC mastic product that is truly the next generation in duct tightness, energy conservation and savings. Guaranteed to pass building codes and meet ENERGY STAR® standards.

The Opportunity

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, "in the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity." Duct sealing is an art that never existed before. Building code requirements, utility cost and comfort issues have moved to the front row. Contractors and builders are working hard to understand how this works, or should we say how to make it pass code. So, here is the issue... we have the solution. Duct-EZ® is a quick and economical solution to resolve these new challenges and increase profits.

After years of research and the installation of thousands of Duct-EZ® applications on new and existing homes, we believe this is the time to open up the market to dealers and position them to capitalize on two historic trends. First, new construction. After years of declining and then stagnant growth, new construction is on the uptick. Second, businesses, individuals, and the population at large are becoming more and more environmentally and energy conscious. The idea of needlessly spending money and wasting energy just isn't OK with a population that has re-learned what it means to be fiscally responsible. In the midst of these two trends sits Duct-EZ®, the business model that directly addresses the residential code and ENERGY STAR® requirements on new and existing homes, reduces utility costs, increases home comfort, and improves air quality.

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How It Works

Duct-EZ® Dealers are armed with our proprietary, water based, zero-VOC mastic spray or brush applied product that truly is the next generation in duct tightness, energy conservation and savings. For new construction, our product, unlike anything else in the industry, allows us to guarantee the new home will pass current building codes and achieve duct tightness levels to meet the ENERGY STAR® standards. This is all done without tearing out drywall. Duct-EZ® can be applied on the inside or the outside of the ductwork. That’s just not something other companies/products are willing to do.

For existing homes, our product allows homeowners to experience upwards of 90% improvement in duct leakage and energy waste WITHOUT any of the mess from other products. No sticky residue or issues when you have your ducts cleaned which is a common complaint by duct cleaning contractors.The reality is Homeowners are frustrated by rising utility cost and want to experience improvement in duct leakage, energy waste through HEAT BLEED, air quality and comfort. While sealing and spray products have been around for decades, they have basically stayed the same. Duct-EZ® has revolutionized the industry. Our product is flexible, fast acting and environmentally friendly with unsurpassed adhesion to the duct itself.

While others struggle to meet codes or give up on the advantages of ENERGY STAR® Certifications, we easily, quickly and cleanly GUARANTEE results. At Duct-EZ®, we believe the GUARANTEE represents the ultimate opportunity. Duct-EZ® is also used for air sealing and sealing of the space between the concrete slab and the foundation wall for RADON protection.

Training & Support

At Duct–EZ®, we believe that a Dealer/Applicator is an ongoing, long-lasting partnership. Once you are trained and doing business, that’s when our relationship with you really gets begins. Below are just some of the things you’ll continue to receive from us on an ongoing basis.

Discounted Purchasing Power

All Duct-EZ® dealers immediately participate in our discount savings programs for equipment, materials and supplies – ensuring you have everything you need to get the job done right.

Open Markets

Duct-EZ® will offer you a dealer territory provided you meet the necessary criteria. Talk to us for more details about your market area.


We will train you in the “Art of Duct Sealing/Air Sealing”. We will teach you the ins and outs about the product, equipment, installation, duct testing and work with you to become a certified RESNET Field Inspector allowing you to perform ENERGY STAR® inspections.

Ongoing Support

With over 25 years of industry experience, our support team has invaluable experience working with both new home builders and existing residential homeowners. From day-to-day help to "BIG PICTURE" research and development, we'll be there for you.

Access to Experts

Our Experts are ready to give our dealers support and help in every aspect of a Duct-EZ® Brand and application. Whether you’re calling for operational guidance or marketing and sales advice, our experts are ready with the answers you need when you need them.

Industry Best Practices

Our industry is ever-changing. While our Dealers concentrate on the day-to-day growth of their business, we’ll keep up with the ever-changing landscape of certifications, laws, tax incentives, rebate programs and code changes as well utility programs at every level to ensure you are armed with the latest knowledge to stay ahead of the competition.

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