Duct Sealing

Duct-EZ® stands apart from other products available today by effectively sealing all supply and return HVAC ductwork, including the air handler/furnace—eliminating the need for duct tape altogether! We offer prompt, professional service that is straightforward and easy to understand.

Our Process Seals Every Aspect of the Home's HVAC System

Duct-EZ® surpasses other air sealing systems by ensuring compliance with building codes, meeting Energy Star® standards, and delivering exceptional performance even in extreme temperatures. Say goodbye to heat loss and protect your hard-earned money! Our proprietary, water-based, low VOC mastic is designed for either spray or air-gasket application. Once applied correctly, Duct-EZ® forms a flexible, airtight seal. Unlike any other product, Duct-EZ® excels in cold temperatures—its spray can be applied at temperatures as low as 15ºF, and its air gasket can function at temperatures as low as –20ºF!

Poorly sealed return side duct can bring in allergens, pollutants and insulation.

Notice the difference? Duct-EZ® has thoroughly sealed the end caps.

Duct-EZ® can even be applied from inside the ductwork!

Duct-EZ Bucket

Duct-EZ® is a best-in-class product delivering:

  • Easy application

  • Speedy installation

  • Cost within your budget

  • Duct leakage of 4% or less

Reduce Pollutants & Allergens

A well-sealed system will not only help maximize the performance of the HVAC system, but it will also reduce the amount of pollutants, allergens, and dust circulating within the home.

Why Seal The Ductwork?

Homes that have forced air heating and cooling systems have ductwork to distribute the air throughout the home. The HVAC system works just like the human body’s respiratory system. When the system is running it is pushing air out to heat or cool the home; and it is pulling air in so that it can push the air out again. It functions just like “breathing”. But why is the home so dusty? Why are the utility bills so high? The answer is duct leakage. Sealing the ductwork properly will help reduce utility costs, polluted air, and it allows the air to flow to each designated areas. And if the ductwork has significant duct leakage it causes the system to perform below its optimal efficiency and shortens the life of the equipment.

Duct End Cap

Supply Side Leaks

When the supply side of your HVAC system leaks, it forces heated or cooled air into other areas of your home and even outside through these leaks. This phenomenon is known as HEAT BLEED. Essentially, you end up paying to heat or cool air that escapes outside, leading to increased utility bills.

Return Side Leaks

Return side leaks pose a more serious problem. When the return side of your HVAC system leaks, it draws outdoor air into your home. This can force your furnace or air conditioner to run constantly to maintain your desired indoor temperature, leading to higher energy bills. Additionally, it can cause increased humidity levels in your home.

The greatest concern with return side leaks is that they can pull in allergens, pollutants, dust, carbon monoxide, and even insulation particles into your HVAC system. These contaminants are then distributed throughout your home, potentially affecting your health. This may contribute to the rising incidence of health issues such as asthma, cancer, and allergies.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to improving a home to make it more energy efficient, save on utility costs and to make it a healthier home, duct sealing should be one of the first things to consider. The sealing of the ductwork may also lengthen the life of the equipment, make the home more comfortable and help to clean the air you are breathing.

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